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Hazelwood Care

Hazelwood Care Ltd is a professionally run company which specialises in caring for the elderly, including those who have Alzheimers and/or senile dementia, caused by factors such as old age of injury.

The Company Head Office is located in London and the homes are spread along the length and breadth of the United Kingdom

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Hazelwood Care

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Hazelwood Care

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Philosophy of Care

Hazelwood Care
  1. High standard of Care Facilities


  2. Strive to enhance the quality of life through the facilities and congenial environment; ensuring that the service users receive the required physical, emotional and intellectual stimulation.
  3. Create a safe, hygienic and comforting environment for the service users
  4. The property; its structure, characteristics, building and scope for development. Under the new guidelines of the Care Standards 2000, the compliance in terms of room size, communal space, etc. needs to be looked at.

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